Repealing O-Care Mandate Is Like Demolishing The First Floor Of A 20-Story Building

July 26, 2017

The “skinny” ObamaCare repeal bill that will come before the Senate, if passed, will lead to total destruction and, in effect, repeal of ObamaCare.

The proposal being pushed by the GOP leadership would end the dual mandates: That everybody must have insurance and employers have to provide it. The bill would also repeal the medical device sales tax.

Brilliant Move By GOP On Health Care Bill

July 25, 2017

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is pulling a rabbit out of a hat by redefining what constitutes a rabbit and what is a hat.

Everyone assumed that the procedural motion to vote and bring an end to the health care debate was simply a precursor to passing the final bill. But it was McConnell’s genius to realize that it is a separate vote with its own momentum and its own context.

Replace Sessions With Rudy Giuliani

July 24, 2017

Jeff Sessions, in recusing himself from the two key matters before his office: The phony Russia investigation and the issues surrounding the Clinton Foundation and Hillary’s conduct as Secretary of State, has effectively left his post, AWOL. He cannot act in either of these key investigations because he has recused himself — recusals which are tantamount to resignation.

Did Trump Make A Big Concession To Putin At G20?

July 21, 2017

At the recent G20 meeting in Hamburg this month, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin met on the side with President Trump for what they called an “informal” fifteen minute session. Press reports indicate that they discussed “adoptions.”

Donald Trump Jr. — The Dirty Tricks Behind His Russia Meeting

July 21, 2017

National ENQUIRER political columnist Dick Morris tells all in an exclusive video that exposes how Donald Trump Jr. was set up by Hillary Clinton and other Democrats behind President Trump’s “so-called Russia scandal!”

Where Have You Gone Jeff Sessions?

July 21, 2017

The nation turns its lonely eyes to you.

Where are the investigations of? …

• Whether James Comey violated national security by turning his memos of his talks with President Trump over to the media?

Mitch McConnell Is No Trent Lott

July 20, 2017

McConnell’s failure to navigate any action on Obamacare through the Senate despite having a two vote Republican majority highlights his limitations as the Republican leader. To set them in perspective, it is useful to compare the performance of former Majority Leader Trent Lott in passing welfare reform, the minimum wage increase, and the balanced federal budget through the Senate despite having only a 53-47 margin of control, just one more Republican than McConnell has to work with.

Kill The Medicaid Entitlement

July 19, 2017

If the Republicans fail to repeal ObamaCare or to replace it with another program, they need to repeal the Medicaid expansion and entitlement granted by the Affordable Care Act statute.

Medicaid is driving the deficit and federal spending like no other program. While total federal outlays have risen by 23% since 2010, Medicaid spending has jumped up by 48% – from $402 billion to $595 billion.

Senate Bill Will Be Enough To Cover Pre-Existing Conditions

July 17, 2017

Will the Senate Bill now pending to replace ObamaCare be adequate to meet the needs of Americans with pre-existing conditions? The question looms large in the decision-making process of many Republican “moderates.”

How To Cushion Impact Of Medicaid Cuts

July 14, 2017

Moderate Republicans profess to be concerned about cuts in Medicaid spending in the new, revised, improved Senate ObamaCare replacement bill. But there are key ways to cushion these cuts so that they do not eviscerate protection for the neediest among us. The provision in the legislation turning power over Medicaid to the states is key in mitigating the impact of the cuts. Here’s how:

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