The Real Sources Of Bill Clinton’s Speaking Fees

April 27, 2015

Exclusive: Dick Morris explains differences between Hillary’s filings and her husband’s.

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The Clintons lined their joint bank accounts with millions of dollars from Bill’s speaking fees from foreign governments, government related organizations and multinational corporations.

Clinton Foundation Finally Admits ‘Mistakes’

April 27, 2015

But This Raises New Question: Why Were There Two Separate Clinton/Giustra Charitable Organizations? ANSWER: To Hide Donations!

The Clinton Foundation finally admitted that it had made ‘mistakes’ in its tax filings during the years when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, but claimed that this is normal for large organizations.

TPP = Mass Immigration

April 21, 2015

Published on on April 21, 2015

Under the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a proposed free-trade agreement, Congress could lose the power to control immigration policy. We could find ourselves back in the era before there were restrictions on immigration and anyone from anywhere could come to our shores.

9 Reasons To Reject Hillary

April 15, 2015

Published on on April 14, 2015

Here are nine reasons why electing Hillary Clinton as president would be a mistake.

1. She is a hawk who will get us into another war. Clinton is instinctively a hawk and is always very quick to urge the use of force. She backed involvement in Iraq, Syria and Libya.

Why Did Hillary Announce?

April 14, 2015

Hillary’s announcement seems aimed at attracting no publicity and providing no bump in her sagging poll numbers. No hoopla. No crowds. No women talking about the history being made. Just a stealth car trip to Iowa with tweets from gas stations.

Hillary’s Stealth Announcement

April 13, 2015

Hillary began her Presidential campaign yesterday. How’s she doing it? Stealthily, quietly, secretly, weirdly.

It started with a tweet. The least technical savvy person on the planet is now hip.

Iran: The New Negotiation

April 9, 2015

It’s time for round two in the Iran negotiations — not the second round of the Iran plus 5 talks, but rather an entirely new negotiation between the US Congress and Iran. The parties will never meet face to face, but they can face off nonetheless with the balance of power resting squarely with Senate Democrats who are skeptical of the deal.

Rand Paul Can’t Win

April 8, 2015

Published on on April 7, 2015

In most presidential primaries, there is a candidate who cannot win. All the other candidates want him to finish second because they are sure that if they can get him one-on-one in a runoff, they will defeat him.

Hillary’s Brothers Unlike Any Others

April 7, 2015

Brothers will be brothers seems to be the message of Todd Purdum’s article about the Clinton siblings. Comparing Hugh and Tony Rodham and Roger Clinton to the likes of Donald Nixon, Sam Johnson, and Billy Carter misses the point. The brothers may be similar, but the way the president or candidate treated them is quite different — and that’s the problem.

Iran Deal: Holocaust In 2026

April 2, 2015

So the basic tradeoff achieved by Secretary of State John Kerry in the talks with Iran boils down to this: Iran has to watch its step for ten years. Then all bets are off. A year later, bombs away! By 2025, most of the sanctions will have been lifted and there will be no incentive for Iran to keep its deal to limit uranium enrichment. And, in any event, the limits will have been weakened after the ten year period.

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