Dick On National Geographic Channel For Series Titled “The 90s’: The Last Great Decade?”

July 6, 2014

Dear Friend,

The National Geographic Channel is presenting the U.S. premiere of a three-part series titled “The 90s’: The Last Great Decade?” It will air Sunday, July 6th, at 9 PM EDT for three consecutive nights. I did a long interview for them about the Clinton years and I thought you might like to see it.

The Goldman Sachs Gold Mine

July 1, 2014

Published on TheHill.com on July 1, 2014

The never-ending Clinton money grab is more than $150 million deep. One of their most lucrative benefactors is Wall Street powerhouse Goldman Sachs.

Since leaving the White House, Bill and Hillary have collected more than $3 million from the banking goliath in campaign contributions, speaking fees and donations to their private foundation.

Convergence: The New Left/Right Coalition

June 29, 2014

A Book Review Of Unstoppable: The Emerging Left-Right Alliance to Dismantle the Corporate State By Ralph Nader.

Ralph Nader’s new book may be the most important of the year. Unlike the usual beltway pundit, he grasps the essential nature of the joint outrage of liberals and conservatives at the crony capitalism that has gripped Washington under the likes of Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama.

Ed Klein Dishes About Clintons In Interview With Dick

June 27, 2014

Dear Friend,

Yesterday on my radio show, I interviewed journalist Ed Klein about his new book “Blood Feud” which exposes the Clinton/Obama rivalry. Very interesting!

Click Here to listen to my interview with Ed Klein!

Is Immigration Dead?

June 25, 2014

Published on TheHill.com on June 24, 2014

The political fallout caused by the expected immigration of 90,000 children this year (52,000 so far) over the Mexican border completely recasts the immigration debate. No longer must Republicans hypothesize or may Democrats deny that amnesty catalyzes illegal immigration.

Hillary Clinton Is Not Like Other Rich People — Get It?

June 23, 2014

There’s only one word to describe Hillary Clinton’s inane defense of her wealth. She’s delusional. First, she said she was dead broke in a year that the Clintons made $16 million. Now, she just told a UK newspaper, The Guardian, that she’s not like “the truly well off.” She’s different.

Send Benghazi Terrorist To Gitmo!

June 18, 2014

Dear Friend,

Click Here To Sign The Petition To Send Benghazi Terrorist To Gitmo!

Obama has said that Ahmed Abu Khatallah, the terrorist who is alleged to have been the ringleader of the Benghazi attack, will not be sent to Guantanamo but will go to trial in a civilian court. He will be read his rights and will doubtless get a lawyer.

Clinton And Her Entitlement

June 18, 2014

Published on TheHill.com on June 17, 2014

Why did Hillary Clinton, one of America’s most seasoned political figures, fail so spectacularly in her recent television interviews, generating negative stories with each daily installment?

Dick On Hannity Tonight 6/18 At 10 PM

June 18, 2014

Dear Friend,

Tonight, I will be on Hannity on the Fox News Channel at 10 PM EDT. I will discuss Hillary’s disastrous book tour rollout and the impact of Iraq and Benghazi on her political prospects.

Tune in!


Dick Morris

Hey Rand Paul, Watch Your Back: Hillary’s On Your Case

June 12, 2014

Hillary Clinton sent a warning shot over Rand Paul’s bow in her interview with Diane Sawyer. She’s not happy that he called her husband a “sexual predator” and insisted that his affair with Monica Lewinsky should be an issue in her campaign for President. Not happy at all.

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