Georgia Trump Indictment Punishes Fraud Investigators

By Dick Morris on August 14, 2023

Already Special Prosecutor Jack Smith is breaking treacherous new ground by indicting even low-level maintenance men who helped Donald Trump move files in his own home.

But now, Fanni Willis, the Fulton County, Georgia prosecutor is trying to use the RICO law that was passed to target racketeering organizations (like the Mob) to pursue the lawyers and investigators who came to Georgia to try to track down election fraud.

By calling the likes of former New York City Mayor Rudy Guiliani and distinguished attorney Sidney Powell, members of a “racketeering organization” because they represented Trump as his attorney, Willis is violating Trump’s sixth amendment right to counsel.

So, get this: First, Georgia election officials in plurality black (43%) Fulton permitted people to vote without really checking their eligibility or signatures. In fact, the State of Georgia had, in effect, waived requirements for strict signature verification in a consent decree that settled a 2018 lawsuit brought by Georgia black leader Stacey Abrams.

So, they let tens of thousands vote without any real signature verification.

Then, when Trump protested, the DOJ indicted him for obstructing an election. Pro-Trump attorneys like Guiliani and Powell travelled to Georgia to document the fraud and to verify the signatures.

Now, it is likely that not only Trump, but his attorneys will be indicted — Trump for speaking the truth and his attorneys for investigating the election balloting and counting to ascertain the truth.

So, anyone who investigated, probed, or questioned the likely rigged voting in Georgia is now, him or herself, the object of prosecutorial scrutiny.

The wider the prosecutors’ net becomes, the more evidently it violates the Constitution and our rights as citizens.

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