Biden Hides His Corruption Behind His Senility

By Dick Morris on August 2, 2023

Point One: As proof emerges about Biden’s corruption, Democrats react — according to John McLaughlin’s surveys — by saying that he is just too old and senile.

Don’t blame him. He just had a ne’er-do-well son. But Republicans and Independents are realizing that the real problem is that President Biden himself is dishonest, dangerous, mean and corrupt — not just old and senile.

He hides his guilt behind his senility in much the same way that mobster Vinnie Gigante feigned insanity to avoid jail time.

By emphasizing Biden’s age and senility, his opponents fall into his trap by blaming his corruption on his age.

Point Two: We learned from past presidential scandals that it is not the crime but the coverup that brings political destruction. Now it is not the coverup so much as the retribution and revenge against his accusers and attackers that causes him the biggest damage, albeit self-inflicted.

We are all coming to realize what a real threat to democracy Joe Biden represents. While Donald Trump tries to lock up the Republican nomination, Biden tries to lock up Trump and his assistants. And his manager. And this campaign workers and contributors and his advisors and his lawyers.

At most his prosecutors intimidate his employees and at most the gets them to turn on Trump.

This misuse of the prosecutorial and investigative powers of the FBI and the DOJ is a far more serious danger to our democracy than the venting of a defeated candidate.

Point Three: Every president under attack needs a lightning rod to absorb the blame and recriminations his misbehavior brings. Bill used Hillary. And Joe Biden used his brother, a well-compensated sibling he can throw to the wolves.

Point Four: There is only one way to get the truth about Joe Biden. Bring impeachment charges. Until you do, you won’t get the attention of the mainstream media and you won’t get Joe under oath. We won’t get rid of him. But we can expose the truth and retake the White House.

Point Five: Don’t fall for the speculation that Biden won’t run. It is intended to distract from his real crimes and to hide behind his seeming weakness and vulnerability.

Why try to kick him on the way out like they did to Trump? Because, he likely isn’t leaving!

We must keep our eyes on the ball.

Don’t attack Biden’s age and senility. He is a mean, dangerous, desperate, and corrupt president. That’s how we must describe him.

Nor can we chase after Hunter to distract us from hunting Joe.

Point Six: We are all used to seeing a president to use the powers of his office to protect and defend himself. In politics, that is normal.

But what is not normal — and is really dangerous — is when a president uses his vast powers to investigate and indict his critics.

That is how democracy dies and dictators gain power.

And that is the real danger here.

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