New Poll: Voters Say To DOJ “Butt Out And Let Voters Decide”

By Dick Morris on August 24, 2023

A new poll by McLaughlin & Associates, released today, shows that voters see the Trump indictments as motivated by politics, a double standard, and a diversion from the Biden scandals. By 56-34, they want the Justice Department to “stop targeting Trump and let the voters decide.”

Among the key findings in the McLaughlin poll:

1. Trump has doubled his lead over Biden and now is four ahead. 47-43

2. DeSantis has fallen badly to third place, behind Trump and Vivek Ramaswamy.

In the Republican primary:

* Trump = 51

* Ramaswamy = 13

* DeSantis = 9

* Scott, Christie, & Pence = 4

3. Voters are very critical of the indictments of Trump.

* Motivated by Politics: Very = 55 ; Some = 19 ; Not = 19

* Designed to Stop Trump = 49-38

* Double Standard = 59-29

* To Divert from Biden scandals = 55-34

4. By 56-34, they want DOJ to “stop targeting Trump and let the voters decide

5. Trump is appealing increasingly to Biden voters. He is getting 13% of Biden’s 2020 vote white Biden is poaching only 5% of Trump’s 2010 vote

6. Marriage makes all the difference: Among married women = Trump = 56 ; Biden = 34 & Among Single Women = Trump = 31 ; Biden = 58

7. “Bidenomics” has become a curse word = Seen Uunfavorably by 46-22 ; Economy is seen as “getting worse” by 34-62

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