Trump Should Boycott Fox GOP Debate

By Dick Morris on July 11, 2023

“You are cordially invited to a kangaroo court that will be held on Aug. 23, courtesy of the Republican National Committee. You will be the guest of honor.”

That might as well have been the text of an engraved invitation to former President Trump to participate in the coming GOP debate next month.

With potentially 12 opponents arrayed against him, moderators like Brett Baier who have proven to be immoderate in their treatment of Trump, sponsorship by Fox, a network whose owners have signaled their opposition to Trump, the proposed debate among Republican candidates more closely resembles a kangaroo court.

It would be utter folly for Trump to attend.

When Baier had a one-on-one interview with Trump, he used it to rattle-off, in rapid succession, the phony charges against the former president.

So why should Trump give him another chance to bite him?

Why should he even give Baier, or Fox, the time of day?

Our nation’s 45th president should refuse to participate in any debate moderated by the likes of Baier and Martha MacCallum.

He should, instead, propose Tucker Carlson as the moderator.

If Fox refuses, he should refuse to participate in the debate.

Better yet, Mr. Trump should walk next door to Newsmax and ask them to sponsor a one-on-one interview between Tucker and Trump at the exact same time as the likely rigged debate the RINOs are hosting.

If Tucker is unavailable, there are a host of other Fox News anchors who would not be out to scalp the former president.

Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Brian Kilmeade come to mind.

If Fox News chooses to proceed with such anti-Trump stalwarts as Baier and MacCallum, let the Republican RINO Committee and Rupert Murdoch’s network have the debate to themselves and see what their ratings are without Trump on the debate stage.

Better yet, let’s see what ratings Trump and Tucker will draw opposite a likely rigged forum.

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