How Iran Prospered Under Biden

By Dick Morris on October 14, 2023

When Trump left office, Iran had only $6 billion in foreign currency reserves — about the same as Haiti.

Poor Iran was unable to pay its militant proxies abroad and could not even pay its own salaries at home.

Then the prayers of the Ayatollah were answered, and Biden lifted the sanctions and now its foreign currency reserves are a comfortable $70 billion.

Iran, which had been pumping 400,000 barrels a day now is flooding the world with 3.1 million barrels daily and exporting all of the oil its reserves will permit.

This rags-to-riches story is really what is being played out in Gaza. Iran’s oil revenues that had fallen to $9 billion when Trump left are now $49 billion per year and will go as high as $70 billion.

American journalists, en masse, are falling for the magician’s parlor trick of distraction from what is really going on. While we look at the $6 billion Biden released to Iran, they are ignoring the stupendous growth of Iranian oil exports.

But every bomb that explodes in Gaza is a reminder that we are fueling the attacks on children by lifting the incredibly successful sanctions Trump imposed on Iran.

Put the sanctions back on and starve Iran of its revenue.

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