GOP Set To Lose Its House Majority

By Dick Morris on October 14, 2023

Framed by its failure to lead or even to organize the House, the Republicans are in the process of losing their majority.

Unless the finicky, perfectionist, rigid members of the House learn to govern, they stand a good chance of losing the majority entirely.

The margin has gotten so slender, that, if New York Congressman George Santos is ousted, they risk going back into the minority.

Americans will rapidly weary of the House Republicans quarreling while the world burns. It will not soon trust them again.

Biden is in desperate shape.

The ABC/Washington Post poll has him down to Trump by five points last quarter and nine this quarter. More importantly, Trump now leads him in Pennsylvania by nine points and Michigan by seven.

With Robert F. Kennedy Jr. running as an independent, it’s hard to see a path to a Biden victory.

But the House Republicans could snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

If we lose the majority, then we lose the ability to stop the progressives from passing their radical program. Hello statehood to Puerto Rico and DC. Goodbye Senate.

Goodbye to the committee gavels as the Democrats will squelch investigations and impeachment of the Bidens. Using control of the White House and both chambers of Congress, they could pass S-1, the infamous legislation we narrowly defeated last year federalizing election laws and institutionalizing a ban on Voter ID or adequate signature verification.

And what are the stakes in the House leadership squabble by comparison?

All the institutional reforms you could want are already enacted as part of the deal that gave McCarthy the House speakership in the first place.

There is no principle at stake here, just a clash of egos and ambition.

Hardly worth ruining the country for.

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