Surviving The Trump Indictment

By Dick Morris on August 7, 2023

It’s very important that we realize that the essential goal of the Biden campaign and his administration in prosecuting Donald Trump is to distract attention from the Biden scandals and from the ineptitude of his presidency.

Their strategy in pursuing this objective is becoming increasingly and distressingly clear.

They hope that by outraging President Trump and his supporters they can goad them into making this indictment the only issue in the campaign.

By assigning a judge who gave Obama $4500, refusing to change venue, and possibly imposing a gag order on the former president, they are hoping that Trump’s campaign becomes mired in the issue of the of the indictment.

They would like nothing more than to make what Trump said and did on January 6th the fulcrum on which the election hinges.

We can’t let that happen.

No matter how violative of our rights their conduct is, we must keep the campaign’s focus on the issues important to all Americans: inflation, immigration, crime and not on Donald trump.

Trump must continue his rallies and perhaps accelerate their pace. By campaigning as if he were not indicted, he can focus attention on the shocking revelations that are coming out daily about the Biden crime family.

The House should refuse to make any appropriation for the DOJ and FBI for 2023-24 until a special prosecutor is appointed to probe the Biden scandals. And the House should begin the process of impeaching Biden.

While the Senate will doubtless acquit, the drama surrounding impeachment and the evidence of the president’s wrongdoing will assure that Biden is also held accountable for his very real misconduct while Trump is being framed by a kangaroo court.

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