Send In The Clowns: The Gop Debate

By Dick Morris on August 24, 2023

When I considered the various legitimate reasons that former President Donald Trump might not choose to participate in the first Republican debate, I thought about the bias of Fox News, the partiality of Bret Baier, the potential of minor, fringe candidates to hog the stage. But, having watched the debate, I missed the key point: to participate would have been undignified for a former president.

If these morons are the understudies for Donald Trump, God help the Republican Party.

The big winner was Donald Trump, who had the good sense not to show up but to sit down for a thoughtful, articulate interview with Tucker Carlson while the shouting match unfolded in the adjacent rink of the circus.

The debate quickly centered around Vivek Rameswamy and Chris Christie. The former is a clown, and the latter is a thug.

Ramaswamy is totally wrong when he says he is a friend of Israel. He shows his friendship by denuding her of the means of self-defense while he talks about ridiculous comparisons between aid to Israel and funding to secure the border — as it was a choice.

But he gets positively dangerous when he invites a Chinese invasion of Taiwan by saying that he will cut off our support once we make enough semi-conductors to replace Taipei’s production.

And then he wonders if federal agents were manning the suicide planes of 9-11, or was it January 6th? He’s not sure.

He thinks he’s an agent provocateur calling out corruption, saying that all his opponents are “bought and paid for,” but he is really just a child throwing stinks bombs in grade school.

Christie, for his part, is vicious. This man, who used his power to exact vengeance against the Mayor of Ft. Lee, New Jersey for not endorsing him, by deliberately tying up traffic on the George Washington Bridge for days, has no sense of proportion or ethics.

To hear the man who got Obama elected, tell us that he should be our president is absurd. He is a police dog who has trained as an attack dog. But he is still a dog.

On the positive side, Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) showed class and dignity as well as substance.

Nikki Hailey acted like a substitute teacher in front of an unruly grade school class as she waged her finger in Rameswamy’s face.

Ron DeSantis was the least authentic man up there. He gave four or five canned, rehearsed speeches whether they were off topic or not and ad libbed nothing. A tape recorder would have done as well.

The biggest losers were Brett Baer and Martha MacCallum who went from RINOS (Republicans in Name Only) to MINOS (Moderators in Name Only) as they lost control of the debate and were swept along in the anarchy of their own making.

What a total waste of time.

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