How Biden Is Holding Israel Hostage

By Dick Morris on October 12, 2023

It’s becoming increasingly obvious that the Hamas attack on Israel is directly due to Biden’s relaxation of Donald Trump’s oil embargo on Iran.

The rogue state Iran has generated approximately $80 billion in revenue from oil sales under the Biden administration, according to Claire Jungman, chief of staff at United Against a Nuclear Iran.

But where is the outrage against Biden’s enabling of Iranian terror?

Why do we not see Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu leading the protests against the flow of oil revenues to Iran?

We do hear attacks on the Biden administration for giving Iran $6 billion in a naive attempt to secure a new nuclear deal, but as Richard Goldberg, a former White House Trump administration staffer at the National Security Council (NSC) says, “This isn’t just about a $6 billion hostage deal, it’s about a $50-plus-billion nuclear protection racket that’s been going on since May and that includes billions released from Iraq and skyrocketing Iranian oil exports to China.”

The truth is that Netanyahu cannot attack Biden nor lay the blame for the invasion at his doorstep because Israel is now itself hostage to U.S. aid to get the arms to fight Hamas.

Dependent on American weapons and technology to reverse the damage Hamas has inflicted, Israel dares not to bite the American hand that feeds it.

The current Mideast war is really, of course, between Iranian backed proxy terrorist groups and Israel. But Iran could not have struck Israel without the largesse of Biden-permitted oil sales.

If Trump were president, Iran would never have had the financial resources to attack Israel nor would Netanyahu be squeamish about blaming Washington for the money that enabled the attack.

Why is Biden so desperate for Iranians approval that he has allowed the massive sale of its oil? Much less has allowed it to go to China?

The core reality is that Biden and his leftover Obama staffers see Iran as a victim of American colonialism and its war against the west as partially justified.

It’s not so much that Biden is weak as that he is on the wrong side.

Dating from the CIA-ordered imposition of the Shah on Iran in 1947 through the U.S. support of his policy of repression and terror against his own people, Washington supported the Shah’s western-backed colonial regime in Tehran right until the Ayatollah came to power.

The 1979 hostage crisis did nothing to dull their backing for the Iranian theocracy nor their hostility toward what they regard as the western neo-colonial nation of Israel.

So Obama and Biden have been in Iran’s corner as much as the political realities of Washington could permit.

Now Biden has to back Israel, furnishing it weapons to win the current war.

But that’s not stopping him from funding Iran’s future attacks.

The Iran nuclear deal was once intended to block it from getting the bomb.

But, in is current incarnation, it’s a rhetorical screen to enable the flow of billions to subsidize Iranian terrorism.

Under the guise of seeming to persuade Iran to come back into harness and mitigate its nuclear ambitions, the west can back all kinds of aid and subsidy to Iran, all the while claiming to restrain its pursuit of nuclear weapons.

Biden’s weakness and senility serve to disguise effectively his pro-Iranian bias inherited from the Obama administration.

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