Put The Trump Oil Sanctions Back On Iran

By Dick Morris on October 14, 2023

The savage and brutal Hamas attack on Israel is directly caused by the rapid increase in oil exports Biden is allowing Iran.

Last year, Iran’s revenues from the export of crude oil and condensate reached $43 billion compared to $26 billion in 2021. Biden has taken his foot off Iran’s neck and its terrorism is the inevitable result.

Put the genie back in the bottle and bring back Trump’s sanctions on Iranian oil!

Under Trump, in 2020, Iran exported only $8 billion in oil products. We need to force an Iranian retreat in oil exports to stop the Hamas aggression against Israel.

While we all need to support every last ounce of blood Israel can extract from Hamas, that tactical victory must include forcing Iranian oil off the world’s seas.

Global oil production rose from 97 billion barrels per day in 2021 to 101 billion in 2023. Iran has hitched a ride on rising oil prices and regained most of its military clout.

In few other sectors of the global economy is Biden’s failure so evident. He has allowed Iran a fivefold increase in oil exports.

The world cannot tolerate Iran earning $43 billion per year in oil exports.

Republican friends of Israel need to focus on the causes as well as the effects of Hamas’ and Iran’s global challenge and bring back the Trump oil sanctions.

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