Dems Have Given Up On Biden

By Dick Morris on September 25, 2023

ABC Poll Means Biden Should Quit Race…

After working with him in the Clinton White House, if there is one Democrat I know inside out, it is my former colleague George Stephanopoulos. The recent ABC/Washington Post poll showing Trump 9 points ahead of Biden bears all of his fingerprints.

After years of seeing polls deliberately skewed against Trump to discourage people from backing or donating to him, we new have the spectacle of a poll biased for Trump, likely designed to force Biden out of the race.

Stephanopoulos would never have permitted ABC to go with a poll that shows Biden losing by 10 points unless he wanted to send a message to his party: Dump Biden.

The Democrats have hung onto Biden despite mounting evidence that he is incapable of being president for another month, let alone four years.

Now, Stephanopoulos, the ultimate Democratic pro has delivered the coup de grace.

Democrats had hoped that the Trump indictments would hobble the GOP front-runner. But, instead, they have energized his base, essentially eliminated the Republican primary, and delivered the nomination to Trump. These indictments represent one of the greatest political blunders in our nation’s history.

And the Democrats doubtless bet on a recovering economy to boost Biden’s ratings. But the Post/ABC poll found only 25% who rate the economy as “excellent” or “good” as opposed to 75% that rate it negatively.

And then there are the nonvoters. Among those who said they did not vote in 2020, Trump leads Biden by 63-27. This means that Biden won’t be saved by a higher voter turnout because the new voters would prefer Trump.

Among voters under age 35, Trump leads Biden by 20 points, a constituency the Democrat won in 2020 by overwhelming margins. Among nonwhites, Biden’s lead has dwindled to a mere 9 points.

Biden can’t look forward to being bailed out by a public backlash against a government shutdown looming ahead. The Washington Post/ABC poll shows that should the government have to shut down, 40% would blame the Democrats while only 33% would blame Republicans.

So all the exit ramps Biden might use to regain approval and become reelectable are blocked.

By releasing the ABC poll, Stephanopoulos is sending a message to his party that they can’t run Biden and hope to beat Trump.

So who would the Democrats run?

There will be a food fight to replace Biden. Kamala Harris will be quickly shunted aside. Her ratings are even worse than Biden’s.

The progressive left will likely back either California Gov. Gavin Newsom, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, or Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

The establishment center of the party will likely embrace DOT Secretary Pete Buttigieg.

And Black voters will probably choose between New Jersey Senator Cory Booker and former Massachusetts Gov. Duval Patrick.

Its always possible Michele Obama jumps in, but the tea leaves aren’t pointing that way.

And don’t count Hillary Clinton out.

A real Democratic mess while Trump rolls over his indictments on his way to the nomination.

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