Book Review: American History In No Time By Randolph G. Russell

By Dick Morris on July 4, 2023

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The woke are asleep. They just don’t know it.

They are sleeping through the American century when communism, fascism, Islamic terrorism, and racism are dying their deaths, unnoticed and unmarked by the sleeping generation.

American history is being mutilated beyond recognition by our public-school teachers, curricula, and unions.

All of our faults — slavery, colonialism, suppression of native Americans, racial segregation, the internment of Japanese Americans — are magnified and our essential contributions to God’s glory and the progress of man are ignored.

But Randolph G. Russell, shouting in the wilderness, reminds us that it is America that founded democracy, proved a nation could be governed by the will of its people. And it is America, that, in a gigantic act of painful exorcism, eliminated slavery and set an entire people free, an act without global precedent.

It is America that brought the world most of our important inventions. We are the land that rescued the world three times from militarism in World War I, fascism in World War II, and communism in the Cold War. We are the freest land in the world and the most compassionate and creative.

We are the only nation defined by its ideals not by its ethnic ancestry.

In his book, American History In No Time, Russell summarizes our achievements, our improvements, and our redemption from our sins. He offers a narrative that hues closely to the truth.

Not the relative truth of the woke mob, but the actual truth of history as it happened. He rejects the idea that history is an opinion about past events and people. He embraces what really went on and underscores its significance.

His work is animated not only by its accuracy, but by its brevity. He encapsulates all that is important about our past and what is relevant to our future.

For young people suffering under leftist indoctrination, it offers the antidote of reality and does so easily and quickly enough to be administered painlessly and swiftly to those who now are misled.

Randolph G. Russell has written a tome in a few pages and explained the most complicated concept in a few words.

The idea of America.

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