Biden Nominee Helped Huawei And Hillary’s Brother Get Visas

January 19, 2021

Alejandro Mayorkas, Joe Biden’s nominee for Secretary of Homeland Security — now coming up for confirmation — was investigated and severely criticized by the DHS Inspector General for helping to get a visa for a vice president of Huawei, the main Chinese technology company that was sanctioned this year by the U.S. for providing software that could be used to spy on American citizens.

The Myth Of A Decline In Trump’s Ratings

January 19, 2021

Trump’s pollster John McLaughlin cautions that “the anti-Trump media has gone back to skewing polls to lower the President’s job approval and create the false impression that Americans want to impeach President Trump. These are the same pollsters who predicted a ‘Blue Wave’ and a Biden landslide.”

Donald Trump Has Been One Of Our Great Presidents

January 18, 2021

Despite a level of condemnation by the media that dwarfs anything to which Nixon, Clinton, Hoover or Grant were subjected, Donald Trump ranks as one of our great presidents.

The Coming Democratic Reign Of Terror

January 12, 2021

Like Robespierre, Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden are taking no prisoners. A new Democratic reign of terror is upon us — endangering our free speech, free press, political playing field, and personal liberty.

How Do We Know The Election Was Stolen?

January 8, 2021

The fraud that cost Trump the election largely took place in the processing, verifying, and counting the half of all votes that were mailed in or cast by absentee voters.

Here’s What The Republicans Must Do: Force Biden To The Left

January 7, 2021

It’s a truism of American politics that, after milking your party base for every last vote during the election, you move to the center after winning to attract a broader base to serve as the basis for successful governing and to lay the groundwork for your re-election. That is exactly what the Republicans must block Biden from doing.

The New Rules: How GOP Can Beat Dems At Their Own Game…And Take Back America

January 7, 2021

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. That saying applies perfectly to the election of 2020 and the Senate runoff of 2021.

Major New Revelation: Massive Vote Manipulation In Antrim County, Michigan

December 15, 2020

Antrim County, Michigan — solid red Trump country — raised eyebrows on election night when the results came in showing Biden beating Trump by 63% for the Democrat and only 37% for the Republican. (Trump had beaten Hillary in Antrim by 61-38).

Trump Should Return The Favor And Name A Special Counsel To Investigate Hunter Biden

December 14, 2020

Almost as soon as Donald Trump lifted his hand from the Bible, newly sworn in as president, the Democrat/media complex began publicizing totally false (and since discredited) charges that he had colluded with Russia to defeat Hillary. Months later, a special counsel was appointed to probe the fevered fantasy and came up empty.

Dems Raised Court Packing Issue To Intimidate The Justices…And It Worked

December 14, 2020

Why did the Supreme Court, with six conservative justices, three appointed by President Trump, unanimously refuse even to hear Texas v. Pennsylvania, the case that determined the outcome of the 2020 election?

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