Colin Powell Could Have Beaten Clinton In 1996

October 19, 2021

Rest In Peace, Colin Powell

If ever a man missed his moment in history, it was Colin Powell.

Bill Clinton told me he thought that Powell was the only person who could have defeated his bid for a second term.

The Impact Of Zuckerberg’s Bucks

October 15, 2021

To understand the impact of Zuckerberg’s money on the election of 2020 we must first grasp its purpose. Mark Zuckerberg intended to use his money to fund the ground army that was necessary to promote irregularities in the election.

Green Insanity: Regulation Drives U.S. Inflation

October 12, 2021

Fear of government regulation and implementation of the “green new deal” is, according to The Wall Street Journal, forcing rapid increases in oil prices (now above $80 per barrel) and directly causing inflation as the winter heating season approaches.

Trump Triumphs Over Huawei

October 11, 2021

Even as China flexes its muscles, threatening to invade Taiwan, even at the risk of world war, The Wall Street Journal reports that Huawei, the most important tech company in China — and one that is closely linked to its military — has been crippled by sanctions and other punishments imposed by former President Donald Trump during his years in office.

Now Democrats Echo Concerns About Economy

October 8, 2021

At the time of the 2020 election, there was stark disagreement between Democrats and Republicans about the state of the economy. Pew Research reported at the time that while 81% of Republicans rated economic conditions (pre-COVID) as excellent or good, only 19% of Democrats did so.

Mandatory Vaccination Will Become Biden’s Biggest Blunder

September 29, 2021

While some polling reflects broad approval of a vaccine mandate, its actual enforcement will prove to be the single biggest blunder of the error-prone Biden Administration.

Presidents Need a Daily Majority

September 24, 2021

We all like to zero in on each day’s tracking polls in the news to see how Biden is doing (particularly lately). But we need to check each day’s ratings for reasons other than ghoulish curiosity. The fact is that each day’s ratings for a president directly affect his power and ability to deliver on his agenda.

Is A Compromise On Abortion Possible?

September 20, 2021

Recent advances in science and technology raise the prospect of a major compromise that could settle the abortion controversy that has raged ever since Roe was decided in 1974.

Abortion Decision A Catastrophe For Republican Chances In ’22

September 2, 2021

Last night’s Supreme Court decision to let Texas abortion law stand effectively undermines Republican chances in the coming elections of 2022 and 2024.

The Biden ratings crash caused by the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan is now over. The page has been turned. Now, it’s going to be all about abortion.

Biden’s Sin: Stupidity And Gullibility

September 1, 2021

It’s a common mistake for leaders of nations to suppose that their one-time international rivals are, at heart, reasonable people with whom they can do business.

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