Biden Order Enables Border Human Trafficking

By Dick Morris on February 23, 2024

Citing the privacy concerns of illegal immigrants apprehended at the southern border, the Biden administration has terminated a Trump administration policy that helped identify smugglers and human traffickers.

Cartels have been smuggling minor children and trafficked women across the border claiming that the smugglers are their parents.

To fight this fraud, Trump required DNA swabbing of the cheeks of children and adults who claim to be a family unit to determine if they really are or just pretending to be families traveling together as a pretext to cover up human trafficking.

Between 2015 and 2019, the number of supposed family units apprehended at the border rose twelve fold from 39,900 to 473,700.

The Trump-era DNA testing revealed that a third of the family units were fraudulent and that there was no biological relationship between the smugglers and the women and children they were trafficking.

The use of families as cover for smuggling dates to a 2015 federal court ruling that ICE could only hold minors in custody for 20 days. After that ruling, it became commonplace for smugglers to claim to be family members to cross the border.

Biden terminated the cheek swab program in 2021 when it did not renew it’s contract with the firm conducting the DNA testing.

Open border advocates had objected to the program claiming that the tests, which took an average of 90 minutes, were “invasive” and violated “privacy rights.”

This misguided reversal of a Trump policy opened the border to massive trafficking of women and children and its time to lock the door again.


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