Arizona, Pennsylvania, And Nevada Still Do Not Require Photo IDs To Vote

By Dick Morris on January 30, 2024

Even after the national trauma about cheating in the 2020 election, three key swing states — Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Nevada — do not require voters to present photo IDs to cast ballots. 

A fourth, Michigan, requires it but people can still vote if they sign affidavits saying that they don’t have photo IDs with them but that they are eligible voters. Only Wisconsin and Georgia have strict voter photo ID requirements that can’t be gamed.

In Pennsylvania, where no voter photo ID is required, Democratic governor Josh Shapiro has initiated automatic voter registration for those who get drivers licenses.  But anyone can vote without a photo ID.

The Michigan photo ID requirement that allows voters to submit affidavits saying, in effect, “Oops, I left my photo ID at home” is simply an invitation to fraud.  Blank affidavits will be stacked up in front of Democratic poll watchers to allow hundreds of thousands to vote without showing photo IDs.

The problem of election cheating is all the more serious in light of our open southern border, through which millions have passed in the last year.  While they are not yet eligible to register to vote, they will be trying to vote, en masse, without showing photo IDs in swing states.

As President Trump piles up primary victories and expands his lead over Biden in swing states, the chances for mass Democratic cheating loom larger.

Patriots in Arizona, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Nevada need to get busy contacting their state legislators to demand foolproof voter photo IDs in order to cast ballots.

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