The Only Threat To Trump: Michelle Obama

By Dick Morris on January 24, 2024

Only one person can possibly stop Donald Trump from winning a second term as president:

Michelle Obama.

With Biden hobbled in his pursuit of a second term, his scandals are growing in every direction, the Democrats could bait and switch at the last minute.  

They could let Biden rack up delegates in essentially uncontested primaries only to release them on the eve of the National Convention to nominate Michelle by acclamation.

In one move, all of Biden’s negatives become irrelevant and his mental deterioration matters little.  The Democrats can change the game in an instant by moving from Biden to Michelle.

With every poll showing Trump winning and with Biden now earning the lowest approval rating of any president since George W. Bush in his last days (33%),  the leaders of the Democratic Party know they have to dump Biden in order to have a chance to win.

But getting rid of the Biden albatross may not be easy.  Kamala Harris, the obvious alternative, is even less popular than Biden and surveys have her losing to Trump by an even larger margin.

But if the Democrats try to pass over Kamala and back a white candidate like California Governor Gavin Newsom, they would have to contend with determined and intractable opposition from the black community. Damned if they do and damned if they don’t.

Michelle Obama is the easy answer.  Popular and strangely nonpolitical, she can run on her husband’s name and record.  While her own comments indicate a real and even attractive ambivalence about running, she can win popular support by pretending that she is being drafted as the only one who can save American democracy by defeating the bogeyman — Donald J. Trump.

Former president Barack Obama has lived a charmed life since leaving office.  No scandal taints his name (although a few should).  While Obama’s economic record is subject to much criticism, it shines by comparison with Biden’s. 

The dominant legacy of the Obama years is that we survived an international financial crisis that could have laid our country low.

While the unique larceny and blatant self-dealing of his vice president, tarnishes Barack Obama’s record as his boss, who negligently permitted the corruption, his image is clear and he appears to have avoided involvement in his vice president’s corruption.

The mirage of Michelle Obama could prove a good contrast to the supposed dangers of a Trump presidency.

Republicans and conservatives must prepare for the eventuality that it is Michelle, not Joe, who we will face in November.

We must not let her candidacy metastasize in secret only to be sprung on the American people at the last minute.  We cannot let her candidacy appear to be a heartfelt and self-effacing response to a perceived national threat of a Trump return.

Only by alerting people to the surprise that the Democrats may have up their sleeves can we blunt its impact.

Michele Obama would face several important obstacles to a last minute candidacy.  It is a lot harder now to be a black candidate for president than it was before the current racial polarization became so extreme.

In 2008 and 2012, when Barack won, a black candidate did not, for example, have to deal with the issue of reparations for slavery, now propelled to center stage by the African-American community.

Nor did such a candidate have to cope with critical race theory and its role in polluting our young with racist bigotry.

Back then, the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. ‘s advocacy of equality united the nation.  But, today, its replacement by “equity” (i.e. black preference) stirs passionate division.

The Woke Revolution has so redefined our traditional assumptions about crime, that now a black Democratic candidate must take a position on no-bail policies that amount to a domestic form of catch-and-release.

The flood of illegal immigration under Biden has brought the sanctity of our borders to center stage as a political issue, making things even more difficult for a minority Democratic candidate.

So we can beat Michelle, but we must not wait for her to come to us.  We must beat her to the punch by speculating about her possible candidacy in public right now.

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