The Young Male Backlash

By Dick Morris on March 17, 2024

The startling reversal of the Roe v. Wade decision by the Supreme Court has moved young women decisively against Trump and for Biden. In fact, of all the age groups in our country, young women is the only one that shows a gain for the Democrats.

But, now, it appears that there is a counter-trend going the other way: Young men are moving to Trump in big numbers. According to John McLaughlin’s polls, as of March 18th, Biden led among young women under forty by 21 points, but meanwhile Trump has widened his lead among under forty men. While Biden leads among women under forty by 55-34, Trump leads among young men by ten points — 51-41.

And abortion seems to have little to do with the male backlash.

The Survey Center on American Life found that while abortion was a critical priority for 61% of women under thirty, only 32%, half as many, young men agreed. Rather, the increasing attraction of young men to Trump is indicative of a nearly 20-point gender gap between Gen Z (under 25) men and women in identifying as feminist, according to the  Survey Center on American Life.  Only 43 percent of Gen Z men say they generally think of themselves as “feminist,” compared to 61 percent of Gen Z women. The gender gap is more pronounced among Generation Z than any other generation.

As the Survey Center on American Life notes: “The rising rejection of feminism among young men is almost certainly linked to growing feelings that American society has become more hostile to men. In 2019, less than one-third of young men reported that men experienced some or a lot of discrimination in American society. Only four years later, close to half (45 percent) of young men now believe men are facing gender-based discrimination. For some young men, feminism has morphed from a commitment to gender equality to an ideology aimed at punishing men. That leads to predictable results, like half of men agreeing with the statement, ‘These days society seems to punish men just for acting like men.’”

These numbers describe a major tectonic shift in gender and politics in America.  Young men are sharply dissenting from the “Me Too” rise in feminism.

Put another way, in 2020 young men were only slightly more likely to describe themselves as liberal than conservative, with a gap of just two percentage points. Young women, however, were much more likely to lean to the left than the right, with a gap of a massive 27 percentage points.

Ipsos, the survey research firm now reports that nearly one in four Gen Z men say they have experienced discrimination or were subject to mistreatment simply because they were men, a rate far greater than older men.

Another Ipsos survey found that 60% of Gen Z men agreed that “we have gone so far in promoting women’s equality that we are discriminating against men.”

It’s becoming clear that Gen Z men—a group that includes men aged 18 to 26—are charting their own distinctive course on gender, sexual orientation, and identity issues and that they are moving in the opposite direction from the course young women are taking.

This male backlash is helping Trump overcome the gender gap against him kindled by the reversal of Roe v Wade and may be pivotal in helping Republicans win in 2024.

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