Biden Is Not Delivering For His Base

By Dick Morris on March 11, 2024

The latest New York Times/Siena Poll clearly explains why Biden is falling behind Trump among young voters and Latinos and dropping behind his historic margins among blacks.

In the survey, taken in February, 2024, the pollsters asked voters whether Biden’s or Trump’s policies have “helped you personally?” And the results do more to explain Trump’s lead over Biden than any other measurement.

All respondents, said that Biden’s policies have hurt more than they have helped by 43-18. On the other hand they felt the Trump’s policies have helped more than they have hurt by 40-25.

Among the elements of Biden’s political base, this metric shows the president’s problem most clearly.

Hispanic voters overwhelmingly feel that Trump’s policies had lifted them up while Biden’s policies had let them down. By 15-36 Hispanics said that Biden’s policies have hurt more than they have helped. But, by 37 to 21 they report that Trump’s policies have helped more than they have hurt.

Among voters under 30 the sentiment is similar. Only 10% said Biden’s policies have helped them personally while 24% said they have hurt. For Trump, the numbers are reversed. 28% of voters under 30 felt that Trump’s ideas and policies have helped them personally while 22% said they have hurt.

Among blacks, the data is also in Trump’s favor but a bit less so.

African Americans report that the president’s policies have hurt more than they have helped by 17-21 while they say that Trump’s have helped more than they hurt by 26-24.

With negative margins like these, it is no wonder that Biden is failing to bring in his base to vote for him.

Trump’s campaign is scrambling to dull the negative impact of the reversal of Roe v Wade, but overall women believe that Trump’s policies — unlike Biden’s — have helped them more than they hurt.

Democrats hope that Trump’s historic problems with women voters will rescue them.  But women report that Biden has hurt more than he has helped by 18-40 while they say that Trump has helped more than he has hurt by 39-26.  No respite there for Biden.

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