Welfare Keeps Blue States Blue

By Dick Morris on December 21, 2022



In blue states, it pays not to work and to vote Democrat. In red states, it does not.

In nine blue states (Washington State, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Minnesota, Montana, Hawaii, Colorado, Rhode Island, Oregon) and one red state, Utah, a family of two unemployed adults getting welfare, unemployment benefits, food stamps, Medicaid, and Obamacare benefits “earn” an average of $98,000 income without working.

In eight red states (Mississippi, Florida, Tennessee, Louisiana, Alabama, North and South Carolina, Georgia), and two blue states, (Michigan and Wisconsin), an identically situated family would “earn” an average of $47,000.

In blue states, it just does not pay to work.

Until Obama, the difference between benefit levels for the different states was much smaller, but his plan to expand Medicaid to cover everybody up to 25% above the poverty line (which many red states refused) created vast disparities in benefits for unemployed people depending on which state they called home.

The effect of this disparity among states is predictable. Blue states stay blue to keep the benefits coming while red states stress work and tend to shun welfare.

So, any analysis of national voting patterns must take account of this essential reality: Many Democratic voters are, in effect, professionals, paid to vote blue through generous benefits. And most Republicans and many Independents just vote their opinions and convictions without financial incentives either way. Democrats are professionals. Republicans are amateurs.

Did the Democrats hold onto Senate seats in unexpected places? Was it Trump fatigue? Disparities in campaign funding. Or was it just Democrats voting in their own rational economic interest. Forget national economic data, the inflation rate, the prospects for the future, it paid them to vote blue.

(Source New York Post, December 19)

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