Left’s War On Natural Gas Backfired Massively

By Dick Morris on December 21, 2022

We all know the mantra: burning coal is bad. It is the main engine driving climate change. We must ditch coal.

But the crazy left, driven by the enviro-extremists, broadened the offensive against coal to include all fossil fuels.

And so, the mantra changed: Fossil fuels bad; renewables good.

But this agenda has totally backfired! Because the enviros painted all fossil fuels with the same brush, clean natural gas was lumped in with coal and oil among the undesirables. However, renewables were not ready to pick up the slack.

As the Committee to Unleash Prosperity, the organ of Stephen Moore, reports: “In simple English, because of the left’s lunatic war on natural gas, one of the cleanest and cheapest forms of electric power generation, the price of natural gas surged in 2022.

Hundreds of millions of households and companies moved away from natural gas and back to coal and oil burning, even though coal is much, much dirtier.

Global coal-fired power generation is set to rise to a new record of around 10.3 terawatt hours this year, while coal production is forecast to rise by 5.4% to around 8.3 billion tons, also an all-time high.

As Moore explains: “In other words, despite spending hundreds of billions of dollars subsidizing fringe energy sources like wind and solar, the world is nevertheless burning record amounts of coal. Never in world history has so much been spent/wasted to accomplish the precise opposite of what was intended (a lower carbon atmosphere). It’s like they grabbed the football and ran into the wrong end zone.”

Natural gas emits half as much carbon as coal. Although it is not pristine as renewables are thought to be, it sure beats the hell out of coal.

But the Ukraine war and the cutoff of Russian natural gas shipments has driven household and businesses across Europe back to coal in massive numbers. And China has redoubled its use of coal, more than offsetting reductions in coal emissions from the more environmentally conscious (and energy endowed) United States.

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