Trump Vs. DOJ: It’s Happening Just As Predicted

By Dick Morris on December 20, 2022

In my book, The Return: Trump’s Big 2024 Comeback, I predicted all the developments that have gone on in recent months.

I predicted that Trump would announce his candidacy for re-election and stake out a huge lead over DeSantis.

I predicted that the January 6 committee would refer his case to the Justice Department and seek to indict him on the phony charges of obstruction and insurrection,

And I predicted that Trump would come through it all stronger than ever before.

The most recent Harvard Harris poll shows exactly that. Trump’s lead over DeSantis has grown from 18 points in early December to 23 points now. Plus, the most recent Mclaughlin Poll shows Trump three points ahead of Biden in a general election matchup.

It is literally true, with Donald Trump, that that which does not destroy him makes him stronger. The more the left attacks him and attempts to indict him, the stronger he gets. Now he is striking a responsive chord by saying that the left, big tech, and the media conspired to keep us in ignorance of the fact — revealed on Hunter’s laptop — that both Bidens were taking money from the Chinese Communist Party.

Had we known that fact, who really could have voted for Biden. The more Trump is attacked, the more Republicans and free speech advocates rally around him and the more irrelevant DeSantis becomes in the bargain.

In autumn of ’22, right as the midterm elections approached, a storm of media distortion — that I also predicted — helped Biden to improve his job rating to 45% approval. Largely driven by the false hopes aroused by his absurdly named “Inflation Reduction Act,” Biden rose to his highest approval rating of the past year.

But now, reality has set in and has exposed how fatuous his promises were. Indeed, the administration has been exposed for falsely saying that it created 1 million new jobs when the actual figure turns out to be only 10,000. On the heels of this disappointment, Biden’s rating has crashed back, in Rasmussen Poll, to 39% approval, the lowest of his presidency.

Meanwhile, Trump has been through a firestorm of negative publicity including the myth that he was somehow repudiated in the ’22 election, the narrow loss in the Georgia runoff, the phony story about hosting a white supremacist for dinner, and his misinterpreted comments about “terminating” the constitution. Through all this, his ratings are up, and everybody else’s are down.

Just as predicted.

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