Replace Sessions With Rudy Giuliani

By Dick Morris on July 24, 2017

Jeff Sessions, in recusing himself from the two key matters before his office: The phony Russia investigation and the issues surrounding the Clinton Foundation and Hillary’s conduct as Secretary of State, has effectively left his post, AWOL. He cannot act in either of these key investigations because he has recused himself — recusals which are tantamount to resignation.

Trump should ratify what Sessions has done by replacing him entirely as Attorney General and bringing on someone who will vigorously defend him on the issues of Russia and will play offense in investigating “corrupt Hillary” and the leaks from Mueller and the intel community.

He should name Rudy Giuliani as the new Attorney General.

Rudy is only 73 (Sessions is 71). A national hero, his actions would have great credibility and he would out duel Mueller in a public contest.

The new Attorney General should:

• Investigate the leaks that are proliferating from the prosecutor’s office

• Demand that Mueller fire the newly hired members of his staff who have compromised their objectivity by having donated to either political party or any of the 2016 presidential candidates.

• Insist that Mueller limit his investigation to only that conduct by Trump or his associates that is recent. He should not be allowed to act as a sort of appellate court to see if the electorate elected the right person president by rummaging through Trump’s 71 years to come up with something to hang on him.

Sessions has neither the strength nor the ability — in light of his self-emasculating recusals — to act on this level.

Trump needs and AG who will fight for him and battle the usurpations of the special prosecutor.

And he needs one of sufficient prestige to be able to fire Mueller and assure that the public (or at least Trump’s half of it) sides with the Administration.

Giuliani is his man.

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