From The Grave: House Dems Seek Control Of ’23 Budget

By Dick Morris on November 30, 2022

House Democrats, stripped of control in the ’22 election, have decided to ignore the results and still try to run the country next year.

Because they were negligent and did not pass a budget last year, they still can pass a budget to their liking right now — after their defeat and from the grave — using lame duck votes to enact it.

They are determined to use last year’s budget and simply apply it to next year. That way Republicans won’t be able to pass a budget next year and will have to wait until the end of the 2023 fiscal year in September 2023 to set national priorities.

It’s as if there was no election in ’22 and Pelosi still reigns supreme.

The House Democrats are trying to force a choice on the new Republicans: either freeze last year’s spending in place for all next year or we will pass a new huge Omnibus spending bill using our lame duck House majority to jam it through.

Damned if we do. Damned if we don’t.

But there is an alternative: Refuse to pass anything that ties our hands for next year even at the price of a government shutdown. For the Republicans to cave in and accept the Democratic efforts to legislate a budget from the grave, would be to destroy the results of the last election.

We should demand that the next year’s House get to decide next year’s budget.

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