Fight Sanctuary States

By Dick Morris on June 26, 2018

Dear Friend,

End sanctuary states NOW!

One after another, liberal states are passing laws making it illegal to obey federal law and turn over illegal immigrants as they leave state prisons. It’s as if the Civil War never happened and South Carolina’s policy of nullification has come back in style.

And liberal judges are stopping Washington from enforcing its immigration laws.

Now, in California — the mainstay of the sanctuary movement — a citizens group headed by families of victims of criminal aliens is striking back and putting an initiative on the ballot requiring enforcement of federal laws.

Under the initiative, prison authorities will have to turn over criminal illegal immigrants to the feds on their release from prison.

And, with three-quarters of all federal inmates and half of all state prisoners back in prison in five years, banning sanctuary laws protect us all! Don’t let these violent felons back on American streets! Take them straight from jail to the airport and deport them back home!

If these folks can get on the ballot and end California’s sanctuary policy, it will be a crucial step in protecting Americans everywhere

Please give to — CLICK HERE! Their fight is our fight. And, if we can win it in California, we can win it from coast to coast.

They need our help. This insanity has to stop somewhere!


Dick Morris

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