Who Will Recover From Their Self-Inflicted Wounds: Trump Or Hillary? Dick Morris In Detail

October 21, 2016

Listen to the latest Dick Morris Play-By-Play Podcast as Dick discusses how Trump, who was doing well, has blown it. And so has Hillary. How can either candidate recover now that there are no more debates? Hear the special podcast by Dick Morris.

Trump’s Last Stand: The Debate

October 18, 2016

In the past week, the polls have shifted decisively against Donald Trump. Now, with his back to the wall, he needs to win the last debate with a strong and tough exposition of Hillary’s flaws. Otherwise, he is in for a defeat of Mondalian proportions.

Watch Dick Morris’ Speech On The Tipping Point

October 17, 2016

Click Here to watch Dick discuss his new book, Armageddon: How Trump Can Beat Hillary, and the dire stakes in the 2016 election.”

View my most recent videos in case you missed them!

Wake Up Republicans!!! Obama Threatens War Over Anti-Hillary Russian Hacking

October 15, 2016

If you thought the mischaracterization of the Benghazi attack was an underhanded way to influence the 2012 election, fasten your seat belt.

Trump Tops Rasmussen Poll

October 13, 2016

In this morning’s Lunch Alert! video, I asked the question: Did Trump’s debate win offset his raunchy and disgusting locker room tape?

Now we have the answer in today’s Rasmussen Poll — it likely did.

Bill Clinton: His Plans For A Love Shack In Little Rock

October 13, 2016

National ENQUIRER political columnist Dick Morris tells all in an exclusive video that reveals Bill’s big dream of living it up in Little Rock if Hillary Clinton makes it to the White House and how the hopeful First Gentleman has already been enjoying attention from interns at the Presidential Library in Arkansas!

Watch Groundbreaking Dick Morris Interview!

October 11, 2016

Dear Friend,

On Wednesday of last week, I had an hour-long interview with Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks television network. It is the leading left wing news and interview show on the web.

It was the most extraordinary interview I have ever had.

Trump Digs His Way Out…Now What? Dick Morris In Detail

October 10, 2016

Listen to the latest Dick Morris Play-By-Play Podcast as Dick discusses how Trump has dug himself out of a hole in last night’s debate, but now what does he do? This may not put him in the lead, but it will help close the gap. Hear the special podcast by Dick Morris.

Trump Must Pivot To Issues

October 10, 2016

The highly personal tone of charge and countercharge in last night’s debate was necessary due to the huge impact of the Trump dirty talk tape over the weekend. But now Trump must pivot to issue ideas that demonstrate why he should be president.

Trend In Trump’s Favor

October 7, 2016

After losing the debate on September 26th, Donald Trump’s fortunes appear to have revived.

The three polls conducted since October 1 all show a trend toward Trump. Rasmussen Reports, which is conducting daily tracking polls, shows Trump +2 in a 3-way race (on Thursday). It had been +1 yesterday on Wednesday.

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