Ten Points Trump Needs To Make Tonight

September 26, 2016

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For a full explanation of Dick’s advice to Trump in the debate, get Armageddon: How Trump Can Beat Hillary. Here are some of the points from the book.

Trump Needs To Run Some Ads

September 23, 2016

Let’s suspend disbelief and accept that the NBC and McCloskey polls are accurate and that, after sagging for a while under the impact of the FBI report and the 9-11 health issues, Hillary has rebounded to a 5-6 point lead as their polls suggest. (Rasmussen and Reuters report no such recovery.)

After 9/11, Bill Clinton Aided Saudis In Their Rehab Attempts, According To New Book By Pro-Clinton Author

September 23, 2016

As President Obama prepares to veto legislation giving the families of 9/11 victims the right to sue Saudi Arabia for its complicity in the terror attacks, a prominent and devoted Clinton loyalist, Joe Conason, reveals in his new book that Bill Clinton worked to rehab the Saudi’s damaged image several years after the attack.

How Trump Can Beat Hillary In The Debate – Dick Morris In Detail

September 22, 2016

Listen to the latest Dick Morris Play-By-Play Podcast as Dick discusses how Trump can beat Hillary in the debate. Trump needs to throw the left hook, reach behind Hillary, and appeal to the voters who are not with her. As the debates near, Trump needs to move in and close the gap. Hear the special podcast by Dick Morris.

How Trump Can Win The Debate

September 22, 2016

As we point out in our book Armageddon: How Trump Can Beat Hillary, there is a fundamental flaw in Hillary’s campaign approach and the debate coming up on Monday, September 26th should make it evident.

Hillary Health Crisis — The Real Cover-Up

September 22, 2016

National ENQUIRER political columnist Dick Morris tells all in an exclusive video that reveals the real impact of the candidate’s hidden health woes on her desperate bid for the White House.

In addition to providing a devastating roll call of Hillary’s hidden health woes, Dick reveals how her blind quest for power has her ready to endanger the nation — as she bullies mainstream reporters to keep quiet while struggling on the campaign trail.

Obama Wants 110,000 New Muslim Refugees This Coming Year

September 21, 2016

Dear Friend,

Obama wants an unbelievable total of 110,000 new Muslim refugees this coming year! We apologize for the typo in yesterday’s Lunch Alert! email that mistakenly read that Obama wants only 11,000 new Muslim refugees. Even though Dick said the correct total in the video itself, we need to highlight that the true amount of 110,000 new Muslim refugees is much, much worse!

Trump Is Right: Clinton Stooge Sid Blumenthal Spread “Birther” Rumor In 2008

September 17, 2016

Donald Trump is right: It was the Hillary Clinton campaign that spread the rumor in 2008 that Obama was not born in America and, therefore, might not be eligible to serve as President.

Hillary sent out her Chief Goon to take care of this high-priority matter.

Colin Powell Emails On Hillary: We Totally Agree With Him

September 16, 2016

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell’s leaked emails clearly show that he doesn’t like or trust Hillary Clinton any more than we do.

Not at all. And he pulls no punches.

Hillary’s Health Gives Trump Huge Opening

September 15, 2016

Hillary’s health now gives Donald Trump a second chance to make a good first impression — something as rare in politics as it is in life. Already polling is suggesting that Trump is surging in the wake of her collapse at the 9/11 ceremony.

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