House Revolt Is Revolting

March 25, 2017

The failure of the House Republicans to pass the Ryan-Trump Healthcare bill is disgusting. After eight years of winning elections by inveighing against ObamaCare, they finally get the chance to repeal it and replace it with a good bill and they turn up their noses.

Trump Walks Away

March 24, 2017

Like a rug buyer at a Turkish bazaar, Donald Trump has tired of haggling and is walking away, looking over his shoulder to see if the seller is chasing after him, agreeing to his price.

He has confronted Republicans with a choice: Vote for ObamaCare or for TrumpCare.

GOP Conservatives Must Back Trump

March 23, 2017

The twenty-five or so republican conservative congressmen who are saying they will vote against Trump’s health care bill hold the fate of the Trump presidency in their hands. Battered by a biased media and harassed by the phony attempts to link him to Russia, Trump needs to produce a solid record of achievement to stay viable. And, once he loses viability, it’s almost impossible to get it back.

Don’t Let Senate Parliamentarian Kill Ocare Repeal

March 16, 2017

She has the whole world in her hands.

Her name is Elizabeth McDonough. A graduate of ultra-liberal Vermont Law School, Senator Harry Reid tapped her to be the Senate Parliamentarian in 2013.

GOP Plan Leaves Costly, Unnecessary ObamaCare Requirements In Place

March 8, 2017

The House Republican repeal and replace proposal is a very good one. But it omits some of the major cost savings that can reduce federal spending on this entitlement and make it easier for conservatives to swallow.

Dems Laying Basis For Coup D’État By Hitting Sessions

March 2, 2017

Here’s how it will go down, scripted in the Obama/Alinsky playbook.

The Goal: remove Trump from office.

1. Wiretap the Russian ambassador (or Flynn?) to get a record of contacts

Donald Trump’s Plan To Destroy ObamaCare

March 2, 2017

National ENQUIRER political columnist Dick Morris tells all in an exclusive video that reveals Trump’s surprising twist that will ultimately leave ObamaCare as nothing more than a burden to the Democratic leadership in upcoming elections.

Survey On Investment And Financial Outlook

February 21, 2017

Dear Friend,

I’d personally appreciate it if you would take a few minutes to take the survey on the economy, the risks we face, inflation and the role that precious metals can play in helping our economy and protecting our investments.

To take the survey — CLICK HERE!

Without Coercion, ObamaCare Will Wither Away

February 21, 2017

The only reason Obamacare failed is that it required everyone to buy health insurance that covered everything. Donald Trump has realized that when you stop the requirements, Obamacare will wither away and die without action by Congress.

Spooks Spy On Trump – Dick Morris In Detail

February 16, 2017

Listen to the latest Dick Morris Play-By-Play Podcast as Dick discusses how the civil war continues between Donald Trump’s current administration and previous Obama appointees. The intelligence community is committing treason, or a coup d’état, against him. Hear the special podcast by Dick Morris.

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