Women Desert Hillary In Droves…Is It Bill?

By Dick Morris on January 11, 2016

Hillary Clinton has dropped big time in the new Fox News Poll that came out on Friday (January 8th) and has now fallen behind Trump, Cruz, and Rubio in general election matchups.

The big losses are almost entirely due to defections of women voters from Hillary to the Republican candidates. Male voters had almost no change in their votes.

Compared to the Fox News Poll of December 17th, Hillary’s loss among all voters is formidable. Against Rubio, she now trails by 9 points. Against Cruz, she is down 7. Against Trump, she is behind by 3 points.


Jan. 8th Dec. 17th
Hillary 44 48
Trump 47 38
Hillary 43 45
Cruz 50 43
Hillary 41 43
Rubio 50 45

The key cause of this huge falloff is that women are turning off Hillary…MASSIVELY.


Jan. 8th Dec. 17th
Hillary 51 57
Trump 39 31
Hillary 45 51
Cruz 48 38
Hillary 46 50
Rubio 46 38

Among women, Hillary has gone from +13 to -3 against Cruz, from +12 to even against Rubio, and from +26 to +12 against Trump.

Among men, there has been no comparable falloff. She has gone from -15 to -14 against Cruz. She dropped from -19 to -20 against Rubio. Only against Donald Trump did men desert Hillary as much as women did.

Why have women left Hillary? It could be that Bernie Sanders, in fact, scored a knockout in their December 19th debate. Hillary was far from inspiring in that contest, but a knockout would show up among men as well as among women. It didn’t.

We are driven to the conclusion that the focus during the past few weeks on Bill Clinton’s sexual escapades and on Hillary’s reaction to them in smearing the women involved may have impelled the female desertion.

Every time Bill shows up on the platform on her behalf, he seems to be costing Hillary irreplaceable female votes. Even Donald Trump, previously the bête noire among many female voters, while still trailing, picked up 14 points against Hillary.

Why are the scandals cutting so deep so long after they were revealed? Many younger voters, the core of the Democratic base, did not know the details of his and her conduct because they were too young at the time.

And this isn’t your father’s Bill Clinton out there these days. He lacks the energy, force, and charisma of his younger years. He seems old, beaten, and tired. Everywhere he goes he is on the defensive about the worst part of his presidency.

Woody Allen said that “80% of success is showing up.” In Bill’s case, it might be better to stay home.

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