By Dick Morris on March 8, 2011

In Revolt! Learn How to Find Out Everything Congress Doesn’t Want You to Know!

Your Congressman and Senator probably don’t want you to find out:

• How did they vote?

• What are their investments?

• Who do they owe money to?

• Who gave them donations?

• Which of the firms they got earmarks for gave them campaign money in return?

• What is their net worth and how has it risen – mysteriously – while in Congress?

• What boards of directors do their wives serve on (usually ways to pay off their husbands)

• What earmarks benefited them personally?

But in Revolt!, we explain how to find out. We tell you the web sites, the links, and the step by step directions to learn the truth about your member of Congress.

The mainstream media won’t tell you the truth about your Congressman or Senator, but Revolt! will teach you how to find out! (Even if you are technophobic!)

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