By Dick Morris on March 9, 2011

In Revolt!, Dick and Eileen explain how to defeat Obama in 2012. As the strategist who guided Bill Clinton to re-election in 1996, Dick’s comments are particularly important.

Don’t let him move to the center

They explain how to call Obama’s bluff and stop him from appearing to be a reformed moderate.

Keep him on the defensive

How to use the Republican House to keep challenging Obama and force him to fight on our turf.

Focus on attacks on his record, not on him personally

Obama thrives on personal attacks. It’s his record as president that he can’t defend.

Make the increase in gas prices work against him

Hold him accountable for $4, $5, and maybe $6 gas! Focus on his anti-drilling policies and his hostility to American made fossil fuel.

Use state battles with unions against him

In Revolt!, Morris and McGann predict the battles now raging in Wisconsin, Indiana, and Ohio. They explain how to tie Obama into these fights for quality education and lower taxes and make him pay the price.

Emphasize Obama’s weakness

Presidents who lose are seen as weak. Eventually, the crises pile up around them – unemployment, inflation, deficits, looming bankruptcy – and the nation feels they are not up to the job. Morris and McGann explain how to bring Obama down by showing him to be weak!

Revolt! lays out a clear strategy to beat Obama. This makes it the most important book Morris and McGann have ever written.

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