By Dick Morris on November 22, 2011

Dear Friend,

Come join me tonight at 8 PM EST at to follow the CNN Republican National Security debate together. I will be commenting and tweeting away every minute or so after each candidate finishes speaking. Come watch it with me!

It’s a critical debate. Will Newt stay in the lead despite all the stuff the media has dumped on him? Can Cain comeback? Will Romney stay on top? Is Perry cooked? And, can Bachmann capitalize on the dysfunctional Congressional deficit cutters to make her case?

See you tonight!


P.S. I am also pre-taping an O’Reilly segment for tonight’s show on Fox News. I will tweet you the time my segment airs on O’Reilly’s show tonight so you can watch me there if you’d prefer! Sign-up to follow me on Twitter – Go Here!

P.P.S. Unfortunately, Dubs, my celebrated dog who is the star of our new children’s book — Dubs Goes to Washington — won’t be on either O’Reilly or tweeting during the debate. He plans to be sleeping on his dog bed throughout! To order his book — Go Here!.

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