Vote Down $9B In “Humanitarian” Aid To Gaza

By Dick Morris on October 31, 2023

In his latest spending proposal, Biden wants a $100 billion appropriation for Israel and Ukraine packaged together.

But his bill also allocates $9 billion for “humanitarian” aid in the war.

Can anyone doubt that this subsidy will be ripped off by Hamas and be used for more “humanitarian” rockets to hit Israel.

The monetary aid to Hamas — which is just that — is a poison pill in the Biden bill and it must be stripped out of the proposal, or the entire aid package must be defeated.

Newly elected House Speaker Mike Johnson also wants to deconstruct the Biden aid package. He proposes to separate aid to Ukraine — which will draw criticism — from aid to Israel that will pass easily. He also proposes to fund the aid to Israel by cutting the new money allocated to Biden’s favorite charity — the IRS. Good luck with that.

But Johnson’s effort, while well meaning, misses the key point which is to strip “humanitarian” aid to Gaza from the bill.

Only a demented fool (did I just describe Biden?) would be naive enough to believe that a dime of that aid will relieve suffering in Gaza. The only way to be sure it doesn’t end up enabling Hamas’ war machine is to take it out of the package entirely.

And that’s what we need to pressure Biden and Congress to do. Forget the rest. Kill the foreign aid to Hamas.

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