Biden’s Big Time N.H. Blunder May End His Campaign

By Dick Morris on October 31, 2023

President Joe Biden Has Blundered in New Hampshire; It May Force Him to End His Reelection Run.

Enshrined in history and codified in Granite State Law, the New Hampshire primary must be the first in the nation.

Mindful that he finished fifth there in 2020, Biden’s people forced the Democratic National Committee (DNC) to demand that New Hampshire cede its place to the more pro-Biden South Carolina.

That didn’t sit well with the New Hampshire state legislature that superseded the rule passed by the national committee and insisted that New Hampshire remain the first primary in the country.

The Democratic national committee penalized the state by banning them from allocating delegates based on any primary that takes place before South Carolina.

However they could not stop the state from holding a beauty contest in which the candidates would run but delegates would not be allocated.

So New Hampshire will still have the first state primary but no delegates will be awarded — not much of a penalty since the state is allocated so few delegates anyway.

Biden will not appear on the New Hampshire presidential primary ballot and will have to depend on write-ins to generate a showing.

It was exact same situation in 1968 when Lyndon Johnson did not appear on the New Hampshire ballot but appealed to write-ins. His performance was so pathetic that he was forced out of the race a month later.

Opposing Biden in New Hampshire will be Rep. Dean Phillips, D-Minn., and author/philosopher Marianne Williamson.

Neither has much political heft but Biden could sink beneath the weight of his own negatives and get such a nominal vote that pressure to pull out will mount.

Rep. Phillips has hit on an ingenious strategy.

He claims to approve of the Biden presidency and lauds his accomplishments.

But . . . he states the obvious: that Biden is not fit to serve a second term.

So he says that he is opposing Biden for reelection but not calling into question whether he has done a good job in the first place.

He’s killing Biden with kindness.

Such a soft stand means that Democrats can vote against Biden without opposing him.

In that event, the Biden people will look to the other early primaries in South Carolina, Iowa, Nevada, and Michigan to revive their fortunes.

But once Biden is humiliated in New Hampshire, and everybody sees that the emperor has no clothes, recovery will be difficult.

I doubt Biden can overcome such a strategy and I think he may be out of the race before or immediately after super Tuesday, March 5, 2024.

Then sit back and watch for any Democratic pretender to the throne to be roasted and eaten alive by the party’s carnivorous progressive wing.

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