By Dick Morris on August 6, 2007

While getting hammered over the issue of special interest campaign contributions at the bloggers debate, Hillary defended herself saying “I don’t think anyone would believe that I would be influenced by a lobbyist.” Doubtless her polling showed that line to be in accord with her public image.

So I have two questions folks should ask her next time she makes herself available for questioning:

1. Your husband refused to accept PAC money when he ran for president in 1992 and 1996. Why are you accepting their money this year?

2. If they are giving you money, is it because PACs like drug companies and insurance companies agree with your positions on issues or because they do believe that they can influence you after all?

The fact is that Hillary’s involvement with lobbyists runs very deep. And her track record in delivering for them is excellent. It is why not only did Hillary take lobbyist contributions as a Senator, but she ranked number two in the Senate (to Rick Santorum) in total donations from lobbyists and PACs.

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