By Dick Morris on August 8, 2007

In a sharp reversal, Scott Rasmussen’s daily tracking poll — the only one now being conducted each day — shows that Hillary Clinton has fallen since she defended lobbyists in the blogger debate this past weekend. After more than a week of surging — as high as 45% in some polls — Rasmussen has her coming back down to Earth with a 38% vote share in his latest polling.

Hillary had gained by wrapping herself in Bill’s record during the past few weeks. After campaigning with him in New Hampshire and Iowa, this so-called feminist realized that she can only portray herself as experienced by co-opting her husband’s record and running on it. She needs the experience issue to draw a contrast with Obama’s lack of it. But her contention that “lobbyists are people too” and her defense of her decision to take their contributions, while Obama and Edwards eschew them, is costing her dearly in the latest tracking polls.

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