Trump Continues Gains Among Latinos

By Dick Morris on December 1, 2021

Former President Donald Trump is continuing his increased support among Latino voters, according to a poll released by McLaughlin & Associates.

Backing for Trump among Hispanics rose to 38% from the 34% of Latinos he captured in last year’s elections and the 26% he won in 2016.

Other results from the survey include:

In the generic ballot (who would you vote for in your district), Republicans win 37% of Hispanics while Democrats capture 51%.

The Latino vote appears to be in transition from Democrat to Republican. While only 26% of Hispanics said they were Republican (vs. 50% who said they were Democrats), those saying they would support Trump or Republicans was higher. In addition, 52% of Hispanics said they were “disappointed” in Biden. As negative views of Biden and the Democrats harden, they are likely to translate into vote gain in the near term and party identification gain later, according to the authors of the survey.

By a 54% to 46% margin, Latinos agreed that “Democrats have come up with some radical and crazy ideas lately and I am coming to trust them less and less.” By the same margin, Latino voters agree that “Democrats are proposing some socialist ideas that remind me of the policies that have ruined Cuba, Venezuela, and sometimes even Mexico.”

However, as an apparent obstacle to switching over to the GOP, 67% to 32% agreed that “Republicans are just out to protect rich and powerful people and not to help people like me,” with only 32% disagreeing with the statement.

Despite this, the survey indicates that the trend toward Republicans is likely to increase among Latinos. This is because Biden’s negatives indicate that a good number of Hispanic votes for him come from people who hold him in low regard — 48% of Hispanics saying Biden is a weak leader, 43% saying he is not physically or mentally up to the job of being president, and 40% say he is a “puppet of the extreme left. He does whatever they want.” All three of these perceptions show negatives on Biden well above the 38% of the vote that Trump gets.

This survey was conducted by McLaughlin & Associates, with the assistance of John Jordan and Dick Morris, among 1,000 likely Hispanic voters in every state except California. Respondents had the option of taking the survey in Spanish or English between Nov. 12-17. The poll has an accuracy of +/- 3.1% at a 95% confidence interval.

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