Trump (Almost) Assured Of Control Of Congress

By Dick Morris on November 13, 2023

In all the coverage accorded the announcement of West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin that he will not seek reelection, an essential fact has been overlooked: His action virtually assures that Donald Trump will have control of both houses of Congress if and when he is elected president.

Right now, there are 49 Republicans in the Senate. Manchin’s seat almost definitely going to the Republicans since West Virginia was Trump’s best 2020 state. A Trump victory, bringing with it a Republican vice president, means Trump will control both Houses.

Both the House and the Senate.

In the House, the coattails of Trump’s increasingly likely victory assure an expansion of the Republican margins of control. No longer with a paper-thin majority, Trump will be able to use the power of a conservative majority to push through his programs.

In the Senate, West Virginia is obviously going Republican. The GOP primary candidates — Republican governor Jim Justice and GOP Conservative congressman Alex Mooney — are both Trump stalwarts and the winner of their primary will be a shoo-in in the general election.

And the Republican Party has an excellent chance in at least five other Senate races.

In Montana, Senate Democrat John Tester’s days are certainly numbered.

In Arizona, Kari Lake is likely to win a three-way race for the seat now held by Krysten Sinema.

In Nevada , polls show Democrat Senator Jackie Rosen is likely losing her seat.

In Ohio, three candidates vie for the right to take on Democrat incumbent Sherrod Brown and a victory for the Republicans seems on the horizon.

Finally, Republicans in Pennsylvania are realizing their error in nominating Dr. Oz last time and now seem set to name David McCormick as the opponent of vulnerable Democratic incumbent Bob Casey.

We should pick up at least one or two of these fights, but even if we don’t, Donald Trump is likely to take office with majorities in both Houses.

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