Coming Soon To America: Brits Fire Home Secretary For Calling Pro-Palestinian Protesters “Hate Marchers”

By Dick Morris on November 13, 2023

Suella Braverman has been fired from the powerful post of Home Secretary in Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s government because she called pro-Palestinian demonstrators “hate marchers” and protested that police were “playing favorites” by not enforcing the law when it came to their London demonstrations.

Braverman was fired for speaking the truth about the brutal, vicious Palestinians who beheaded babies in their October 7 invasion of Israel.

Braverman had already drawn flak for calling the massive influx of migrants into the UK an “invasion.”

What is particularly troubling is that PM Sunak likely fired her because the truth she had spoken made her less than popular with Britain’s Muslim immigrants who are an increasingly powerful minority in the UK.

The United Kingdom’s time zones are earlier in the day than ours’ in the US. So, at least figuratively, look for the political winds that blow there to travel here.

Just as the peaceful, patriotic January 6th demonstrations in Washington to protest electoral fraud have been used to discredit the MAGA movement and lock up good people, now look for denunciations of antisemitic Palestinian supporters to be held up as examples of hate speech.

The world is turning and what was wrong — antisemitism — is now right.

What was right — condemning them — is enough to fire one of the most powerful officials in England.

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