The Resurrection Of Robert Mueller

By Dick Morris on July 23, 2019

Long after Robert Mueller’s investigation has been dead and buried, the charges of collusion entombed with it, the Democrats are attempting to bring their own version of Lazarus back from the dead. Their purpose is to put words in Mueller’s mouth to say that, while there was no crime, Donald Trump nevertheless tried to cover one up.

The accusation of collusion between Trump and Putin to coverup Russian meddling in the US election will stand, disproven and discredited, as a mark against the Democrats as surely as the failure to find WMDs in Iraq remains a massive blight on the record of President Bush-43.

For Democrats to try to resurrect the issue through Mueller’s testimony would be like Republicans calling weapons inspectors who had been assigned to Iraq to testify about what packages and strange looking boxes they saw in Baghdad that might have been WMDs but weren’t.

The Dems are so committed to their story line of collusion that they are trying to tease out every strand of the Mueller report to find some thread that might lead them to a high crime and misdemeanor. They do so even though they know perfectly well that Trump would never be found guilty by a Republican Senate and that the trial itself might result in a quick and abrupt dismissal.

And the Democrats press on despite the lessons of 1998 where the Republican attempts to remove President Clinton backfired and cost the GOP the chance, they had to harvest their usual gains in off-year elections. But history doesn’t matter. Appeasing their base is all.

And so, the hungry hyenas of the Democratic left are forcing their Congressmen to march off the edge of a cliff in order to appease their blood lust for Trump.

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