The Real Sources Of Bill Clinton’s Speaking Fees

By Dick Morris on April 27, 2015

Exclusive: Dick Morris explains differences between Hillary’s filings and her husband’s.

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The Clintons lined their joint bank accounts with millions of dollars from Bill’s speaking fees from foreign governments, government related organizations and multinational corporations.

But you won’t see all of the details on Hilary’s mandatory financial reports filed and publicized while she was secretary of state.

Was she hiding something from us?

Sure looks like it, because Hillary’s financial disclosures routinely omitted the sponsorships of many of Bill’s lucrative speeches. Federal law required her to publicly disclose the “source” of honoraria to Bill, but she apparently interpreted that to mean the entity that wrote the check, not the entity that paid or contributed to it.

Bill had no duty to publicly disclose anything. But in a Jan. 9, 2009, letter to the State Department ethics officer, Clinton lawyer David Kendall volunteered that “President Clinton would provide the “identities of the host(s) (the entities that pay the speaker’s fee) of proposed paid speeches.” And he did.

But Hillary’s public list of payees for speeches is a lot different than Bill’s private list.


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