Clinton Foundation Finally Admits ‘Mistakes’

By Dick Morris on April 27, 2015

But This Raises New Question: Why Were There Two Separate Clinton/Giustra Charitable Organizations? ANSWER: To Hide Donations!

The Clinton Foundation finally admitted that it had made ‘mistakes’ in its tax filings during the years when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, but claimed that this is normal for large organizations. The Foundation failed to accurately disclose millions of dollars of donations from foreign governments as it had agreed to do. Millions of dollars that would have been raised some big red flags about what the Clintons were doing. So, they’ll be filing a new return.

The Foundation also admitted that several million dollars in donations were not disclosed at all, as reported by the New York Times last week. The admission raised a serious question. According to the Foundation, that money was donated by a Canadian Foundation and people employed and associated with the Canadian company Uranium One were to another entity, the Clinton/Giustra Enterprise Partnership, a Canadian charity. Under Canadian law, the identity of charitable donors cannot be disclosed without permission. There is no dispute that the Canadian charity gives all of it money to the Clinton Foundation Clinton/Giustra Sustainable Growth Initiative.

So, why two parallel organizations using the Clinton name? To keep things secret. Canadians could donate to the Canada charity, knowing that their names would not be disclosed. How convenient.

Does anyone doubt that a request from Bill Clinton to reveal the donor names to his own charity would be denied? But that request never came. Because the deal was to keep everything quiet.

Wonder who else donated through this back door channel?

Some would call that money laundering.

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