Stop UN Gun Control Now!

By Dick Morris on November 8, 2012

Click Here To Sign The Petition To Stop The Arms Trade Treaty!

Dear Friend,

While I was wrong in predicting a Romney win, I was, unfortunately, correct in saying that Obama would move to sign a UN Arms Control Treaty right after the election whether he won or lost. On the very day after the election, the Obama Administration voted to reopen talks on the treaty at a special meeting on March 18-28.

The U.S. will undoubtedly “compromise” and sign the treaty, all the time reassuring us that it is protecting our constitutional right to bear arms.

But don’t be fooled!

This Treaty is UN gun control pure and simple.

The giveaway is that it is designed to solve a problem that almost doesn’t exist: The private exportation of small arms. Ninety percent of all small arms exports come from governments, primarily the US, Israel, Russia, and China. If the UN really wanted to stop the sales of weapons to drug gangs, guerrilla groups, and extremists, it would only have to stop arms sales from these governments.

Instead, the UN is setting up an elaborate mechanism to stop, by treaty, sales and exports of guns and grenades by private companies and individuals around the world. This regimen will necessitate a UN oversight governing body with broad enforcement powers and is a backdoor way to enact global gun controls. Since the US accounts of 40 percent of all small arms exports, it is squarely aimed at us.

This UN governing body will have the power to require registration of all guns as a preliminary “inventory” of weapons to stop their exportation. Then, limitations on sales and even confiscations could follow. The Treaty amounts to a backdoor way to achieve through international action gun controls that could never pass the US Congress. And, politically, it is a way to cut the Republican House of Representatives out of the equation and empower on the Democratic Senate to approve the gun controls since they are being done by Treaty. The House has no role in treaty ratification.

But…it does require a 2/3 vote of the Senate to ratify the Treaty. And there are still 45 Republicans in the new Senate. If we hold 34 of them, we can kill the Treaty.

Most have already indicated their opposition to the Treaty, but don’t rely on that. When the US “achieves” some soothing language protecting the Second Amendment — words that do nothing to mitigate the enforcement power conferred on the UN governing body in the Treaty itself — they will flake away, leaving only the serious opponents of gun control to vote no.

We need to mobilize as never before. This Treaty is the most serious threat to our Second Amendment rights we have ever faced.

Please sign this petition and circulate it among your friends, family, and fellow sportspeople! We need a broad, broad net of Treaty opponents to stop this thing.

Click Here To Sign The Petition To Stop The Arms Trade Treaty!

Please include your hard address so we can send your signature to your Senators to change their minds or stiffen their hearts!

Read this article in today’s Reuters which explains how quickly the Administration is moving to interpret the election as a mandate for gun control!

And read our new book, Here Come The Black Helicopters. This UN Treaty is only the opening shot in a broad effort to compromise our sovereignty and turn it over to the UN. Read about it all in our book.


Dick Morris

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