Stop U.S. Ammo Purchases!

By Dick Morris on May 2, 2013

Dear Friend,

Click Here To Sign The Petition To Stop U.S. Ammo Purchases!

The Department of Homeland Security has stepped up its purchases of ammunition in the past few weeks. Already it has amassed a stockpile of 246,000 bullets — 3600 for each of their Departmental employees (including the janitor).

We suspect that the Administration is trying to dry up the national supply of ammunition by government purchases.

When gun control lost in the Senate, President Obama pledged to achieve the goal “through administrative means”.

Already gun owners, homeowners seeking self-protection, and police are finding it hard to purchase ammunition.

Senator James Inhofe is sponsoring legislation to curtail these purchases and limit them to the average number of bullets purchased from 2001-2008.

Please take a moment and sign this petition to stop this backdoor attempt at gun control.

Thank you,

Dick Morris

Click Here To Sign The Petition To Stop U.S. Ammo Purchases!

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