The Stakes In The FBI Investigation Of Hillary

By Dick Morris on October 31, 2016

The dramatic developments in the FBI investigation of Hillary portend great trouble for her candidacy. The threats are numerous, on several different fronts, and each has the potential to be lethal.

Here’s what we know: The FBI has found 650,000 emails on Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin’s home laptop and identified thousands — if not hundreds of thousands — with the addresses of and And, the FBI has been investigating the Clinton Foundation since February.

This is very bad news for Hillary — especially only 8 days from the election,

And we now know that the Department of Justice has repeatedly tried to shut down the probe. It pays to have friends in high places. This puts Bill Clinton’s premeditated and audacious “visit” to Attorney General Loretta Lynch in a new perspective.

Here’s some thoughts on how all of this might unfold:

• Huma Abedin probably lied under oath when she told the FBI that she had turned over all emails and devices in her possession. The Wall Street Journal reports that 650,000 new e mails have been found on the computers seized at the Weiner-Abedin apartment. She had been given immunity by the Justice Department, but her lies under oath likely vitiate the deal. If Huma is vulnerable to a perjury or obstruction of justice charge, it could lead her to turn on her mentor. In any case, Hillary has to fire her.

• Included in the 650,000 emails may be some or all of the ones Hillary had deleted before she turned over the remainder to the State Department. If any of those deleted e mails contained classified or Top Secret material, she is in very, very deep trouble and would likely face criminal charges. It may also show that the number of deleted emails far exceeded the 33,000 claimed by Hillary.

• The Wall Street Journal reported that the FBI is also investigating the Clinton Foundation and has been doing so since February. The Justice Department opposed the investigation and has tried to rein it in but the FBI — and local US Attorneys in four cities — are determined to proceed. Was that what Bill spoke to Attorney General Loretta Lynch about on her plane in Phoenix on the tarmac? The Foundation is so riddled with pay-for-play scandals that investigating it could be very dangerous for the Clintons.

So what about between now and Election Day? None of this new evidence can be processed in the remaining week so don’t expect clear results. But the fact of the investigations and the public announcement Comey has already made are likely to sink Hillary’s candidacy. It puts her email and Foundation scandals squarely on top of the public agenda in the critical final days before the election.

Trump had been gaining every day the week before Comey spoke. ObamaCare premium increases, the onset of Trump’s effective negative advertising, and the ongoing (and still coming) WikiLeaks revelations have all played a part.

Most shocking was the memo from Bill’s chief aide Doug Band. Confronted with charges from Chelsea that he was ripping off her father by combining business and charitable concerns (how stupid could Chelsea get?), he prepared a 13 page list of all the income he had channeled to the former president. It came to over $60 million and provides a playbook and scorecard for the pay for play scandals at the foundation.

In one moment, the advantage has shifted decisively back to Trump.

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