Sarah Huckabee Sanders Shows Us Donald Trump As He Really Is

By Dick Morris on November 1, 2020

The vilification of Donald Trump’s personality in the media is way, way overblown — a caricature not a portrait. Now comes the real Donald Trump portrayed in the pages of Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ new book, Speaking For Myself.

In her absorbing book, we see the president as he really is — friendly, funny, attractive, considerate, and charismatic. She invites us to bypass the fevered imaginations of the media and get to know the real man. The same Donald Trump that I know.

When people kick him, he kicks back. Hard. But he never starts the fight. He just wins it. True, he enjoys the fighting, but he’d rather just get along with people. In Sarah’s book, you can glimpse Donald Trump in adversity. How did he handle impeachment? Did he ever believe he might be removed? Was he afraid or bitter? Angry? No. He reacted as anyone else would. He was pissed off, sure, but he never held a grudge.

The portrait that emerges of President Trump is one of a man who is neither paranoid nor naive. He responds like any other human being. When the Democrats play dirty, he doesn’t let them get away with it. But when it comes to passing laws for the good of the country, he’ll work with anybody.

The real man Sarah describes is not the spiteful, rude, obnoxious villain the media describes, always picking fights and being hyper-critical. Instead, what emerges in her pages is a thoughtful, polite, kind person who — as long as you don’t step on him — is nice and benign.

Unfortunately, in Washington — as in baseball — nice guys finish last. So, President Trump lives up to what he must be — a stubborn fighter who stands firm on his beliefs.

As I read Speaking For Myself, I could not but compare Trump with my former client, Bill Clinton.

The media portrayed Clinton as a regular guy, an everyman, sociable, warm and open — almost the opposite of what they say makes Trump tick

But, in reality, you’d much rather hang out with Trump than with Clinton. If Bill needs your vote or your money, he can charm you like nobody else can. But otherwise, he’s cold, distant, self-absorbed, and aloof. I’ve compared Clinton to a headlight reflector on the highway. When you shine on him, or show him your pain, he reflects your vibes and you’d swear the light comes from him. But it doesn’t. He’s really just cold and metallic. It is your humanity, not his, whose reflection you see.

Donald Trump never puts on an act. He is what he is. He never comes on to you. If he wants something, he’s straight about it. Clinton will don any disguise or costume to get elected. He’d streak naked down Broadway if it would help. He covets not power so much as affirmation so he can fill the empty space inside and be convinced of his own virtue.

Trump could care less. He is always himself, true to his values and personality. He won’t ever go against his principles. Not even once. He’s already made it and needs no further affirmation. He’s not trying to charm you or alienate you. If you want to get along with him — or work with him — you’ve got to meet him on his own terms. He’s not coming to you. He’s just being something Bill Clinton cannot be: Himself.

I doubt he ever thinks of it, but he is the personification of Shakespeare’s dictum in Hamlet: “To thine own self be true.”

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