By Dick Morris on August 9, 2008

In the first real time foreign policy crisis to take place after the primary elections, we find Barack Obama appeasing Russian imperialism. Obama said he strongly condemned “the outbreak of violence in George” and urged “an immediat end to armed conflict.” He said “now is the time for Georgia and Russia to show restraint and to avoid an escalation into full scale war.” He called for direct talks and urged that Georgia’s “territorial integrity…be respected.”

McCain told it like it is noting that “Russian military forces crossed an internationally recognized border into the sovereign territory of Georga.” He called for Russia to “immediately and unconditionally cease its military operations” and pull out its forces.

The difference is huge. Some appeasers are saying that Georgia, not Russia was the first to send in tanks to South Ossetia. They say this was provacative. But when the Russians made trouble on the border, Georgia was right to send in tanks to its own territory to defend it. Then when the Russians attacked in force, McCain rightly called in an invasion while Obama spoke as if there was a mutuality of blame.

This is such a good indication of why McCain must be president and not Obama.

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