By Dick Morris on August 9, 2008

The agenda for the Democratic National Convention makes it, effectively, a two day convention for Hillary and a one day convention for Obama. The Democratic candidate, who needs all the national buildup a four day convention normally affords, will have to cut it short because of the Clintons’ skill in hogging the limelight on Tuesday night, when Hillary speaks, and on Wednesday night, when Bill does. So until Obama himself addresses the delegates and the nation on Thursday night, this is really a Clinton convention.

Why did the Clintons so want to got the stage? Because they want to do everything they can get away with to assure an Obama defeat in November so that Hillary can run against an aged McCain in 2012. She could capitalize on an Obama defeat by saying “I told you so” to primary voters.

Why did Obama allow it? Because the Clintons showed that they can make no end of trouble for him. Hillary leaked a video of her speech at a closed fund raiser talking about the need to her delegates to feel that their voices were heard and Bill said he didn’t think anybody could really be said to ready to be president (despite the fact that Hillary’s slogan was “ready to lead”).

The Clintons will continue to bedevil Obama all fall. Hillary will be outspoken in her support while Bill quietly cuts his throat with seemingly unscripted and apparently undisciplined cracks and non sequiturs. But every one of them will be planned and rehearsed to hurt Obama without seeming to have done so.

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