Mike Pence’s Hideous Disloyalty

By Dick Morris on June 8, 2023

Even in the world of Washington with its betrayals and ingratitude, Mike Pence’s decision to oppose Donald Trump for the presidency entitles him to a special place in hell.

Mike Pence was nothing, nothing, nothing when Donald Trump plucked him from obscurity and gave him the nomination to be his vice president. Throughout four years, Trump loyally stood by Pence, giving him unprecedented power to deal with COVID, an unprecedented crisis.

Even by Washington standards, you can’t get lower than to turn on your benefactor as Pence is doing.

He justifies his conduct by saying that he had to choose between the Constitution and Trump. But he knew damn well then and knows it now that the duty to “count” electoral votes carries with it an obligation to assure that the count is accurate and not predicated on fraudulent results that are being repudiated by their respective state legislatures even as Pence opens their envelopes.

Otherwise, why does the Constitution enumerate this clerical task as being the vice president’s? Wouldn’t a clerk do as well?

Democrats are demanding that the law be changed to explicitly make clear that the vice president has no role beyond the ceremonial one of opening ballots. Were it otherwise, why have to amend the law?

As Senator Cruz and ten other Republican Senators proposed, Pence should have delayed accepting the electoral college results in key swing states where the legislatures had raised the possibility that they were fraudulent in favor of a 10-day “audit” — thus potentially enabling state legislatures to examine the election and find out who really won their states.

Pence acted as a coward, afraid to buck the entire establishment by fighting for due process. With the courts punting on the issue and the state courts totally controlled by Democrats, his was the only power that could have stayed the fraud and allowed ballots to be counted honestly. But he failed the test and does not deserve another chance.

But even beyond Pence’s apostasy in denying half the country the right to assure a fair election, is his conduct as he announced his candidacy.

He refers to President Donald Trump as his “running mate” and dares to attack him on abortion — after Trump did what nobody else ever did — to overturn Roe v. Wade.

He newly discovers fiscal responsibility as he renounces the deficits he and Trump ran, of necessity, to save the economy amid COVID.

Let’s not forget that Pence opposed Trump for the nomination in 2016 by supporting Cruz and after Trump won the primary in Indiana and sealed the nomination despite then Gov Pence’s support for Cruz. Still Trump magnanimously considered Pence for VP.

Pence hides his hypocrisy behind piety, his usual shield, and now seeks to stab his mentor in the back.

He is the lowest of the low.

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