DOJ Hypes Talk Of Trump Indictment To Step On Hunter/Joe Bribe Story

By Dick Morris on June 8, 2023

It’s the tale of two scandals. Every time House investigators get closer to exposing the bribery scandal in which Joe and Hunter got $5 million from a “businessman in Ukraine”, the DOJ drops another bombshell in their case against Trump.

Yesterday, just as FBI Director Christopher Wray offered to provide all members of the House Oversight Committee with a chance to view the informant’s report detailing the Biden bribe, the DOJ let leak that they have notified Donald Trump of a criminal investigation against him.

But here’s the difference:

The charges against Trump will likely involve technical violations of federal law about the handling of classified archives.

They might also involve very speculative and hard-to-prove charges that the president’s incendiary rhetoric helped foment the January 6th riot.

The one is hard to make into a serious crime and the January 6th charge will be very hard to prove.

On the other hand, if there was a cash bribe of $5 million paid to the vice president and his son, the charge is so major as to likely force Biden’s resignation and the indictment of his son.

So, the DOJ is using the case against Trump to distract from the case against Biden.

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