Join Me At An Exclusive Crash Proof Retirement Educational Event

By Dick Morris on December 1, 2015

Dear Friend,

With all economies around the globe trillions of dollars in debt, and our country $19 trillion+ in debt, is there a looming financial crisis here in America?

I’m going to be in your area on Wednesday, December 2nd at the Copperfield Inn in Limerick Pa. The event starts at 5 PM and you’re personally invited.

It’s an educational event about the proprietary Crash Proof Retirement® System, developed by my good friend Phil Cannella – host of The Crash Proof Retirement Show (Heard every Saturday at 11am and Sundays at 1pm on CBS Radio Philadelphia’s #1 talk station, Talk Radio 1210 WPHT-AM.)

During the event, not only will you learn about the safe alternatives outside of Wall Street with no market risk or fees; you will see exclusive interviews with the brightest minds in the retirement research industry and the political arena, including top Federal officials and regulators.

Over your complimentary dinner, I will also discuss and share my thoughts with you on the 2016 election.

Call 1-800-722-9728 or go to to register to attend this free event.

As you’ll see and hear in the exclusive interviews at this event, most experts agree:

• The last time the Fed raised rates was in 2006 — after years of cutting them — and the market crashed the next year.

• Historically, national security threats “shock” the stock market into sharp declines.

• Federal Stimulus has prevented a market crash thus far, but now the U.S. is $19 trillion in debt and can’t afford another stimulus.

Are we on the verge of another major crash?

Don’t bet your retirement savings on it.

The Crash Proof Retirement® System makes it possible to protect your principal and have a guaranteed income as well.

When the market goes up, you go up. And when it goes down — or crashes — you stay even. You don’t go down. And you still get a guaranteed annual income if you want it. And you pay no fees.

Learn more about the Crash Proof Retirement® System at this Copperfield Inn educational event.

And over dinner, I’ll take questions, pose for photos and sign books.

See you then!


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