Hillary: Bring GITMO Detainees To U.S.

By Dick Morris on December 1, 2015

The Huffington Post has reported that days before Hillary Clinton left office, she sent a confidential memo to the President urging him to transfer the terrorists housed in the Guantanamo military detention facility to the U.S.

“I recommend that you consider transfers [to the U.S.] for pre-trial detention, trial, and sentences.”

Mrs. Clinton wants the violent terrorists to be moved to the U.S. and tried in the federal courts by American juries instead of the military tribunals that have jurisdiction over them.

The Obama Administration has been trying for years to do just that. But opposition by Congress to placing terrorists in federal prison facilities has repeatedly thwarted his clumsy attempts. Not too many American communities want to welcome terrorists into their backyard.

And the security risks of a terrorist trial are so overwhelming that law enforcement officials in New York vehemently objected to Obama’s poorly conceived plan to try one of the 911 terrorists in downtown Manhattan.

Apparently the President (or Hillary) did not anticipate the obvious – that New Yorkers did not want these dangerous terrorists -who tried to annihilate them -to be tried in a federal courtroom where other terrorists might gain access and try to terrorize the proceedings and hurt more innocent people.

Nor should these terrorists be given a jury of their peers, they are not American citizens and are not entitled to our constitutional guarantees.

Fortunately, the Congress is not caving in to the ridiculous agenda of Hillary and Obama.

Several weeks ago, the Senate passed legislation barring any transfer of detainees to the U.S.

Hillary also urged Obama to increase his efforts to close the military detention facility in Guantanamo where the terrorists are housed.

A report by the House Armed Services Committee found that 27% of those released from GITMO turned right back to their terrorist activities.

Message to Hillary: We’re NOT taking them!

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